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From relationship to career goals, find out what this month has in store for you with Astrologer Fiona Graham’s predictions.
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Taurus 21 April – 21 May

If you have been holding back in particular personal and social scenarios, you’ll now have the chance to take the floor and make your presence felt. What you want is in tune with what you need this May, and this should give you the motivation to express some of your most heart-felt desires. By midmonth you’ll also feel encouraged to show someone how much you care. The key to your success is to have clear objectives, so try to avoid wasting energy or spreading yourself too thinly. From the 20th a moneymaking venture will also appeal but watch out for any unreliable claims. Then you really will be on your way towards a spectacular breakthrough. You will rise to the occasion and nobody should dare undermine you.

Gemini 22 May – 21 June

May is the time to reflect on recent events, no matter how hectic life becomes. A little soul-searching will deliver a dazzling revelation, and could be the start of a new era for making some of your dreams come true. After the 13th the pace picks up socially too, so don’t underestimate the importance of an unusual and last-minute invitation. Around the 23rd could prove to be crunch time for a relationship, as your moment will arrive to discuss some pressing and sensitive issues. At this point, various future prospects are about to change – you will make a powerful impact and simply cannot shirk personal responsibilities. It seems that weaving your silver-tongued magic is about to come truly into its own.

Cancer 22 June – 22 July

Hopefully you are feeling confident and in control, so it’s time to celebrate the upside to everyday life. At the same time, from the 3rd you are wise to accept sound guidance from other people. Your handling of relationships in early May will make all the difference in the weeks ahead. Around the 14th, sheer animal magnetism will attract great responses – an exotic stranger welcomes you with open arms and you will realise that you have friends you weren’t even aware of before. You will also make a strong impression in a professional encounter, and soon enough you will know if this has had the intended effect. At the same time listen out for crazy rumours concerning an affair of the heart. Stake your claim on your top goals, and simply try to ignore any mindless gossip.

Leo 23 July – 23 August

There can be no doubt that you are attracting attention, including in a high-profile area. So make the most of this at all times. Very little stands in your way when it comes to pursuing your hottest ambitions; a new plot is about to unfold with intriguing consequences. This is one of those times when you are likely to reap what you sow, and this could happen faster than you ever would have imagined. The end of May will deliver reasons to play and have fun, yet dramatic scenes may well arise between a complex character and someone you adore. It is time to launch a new venture of your own, and others’ objections or irrational reactions should not faze you. Nobody with any sense should underestimate you now.

Virgo 24 August – 22 September

This month you will have every chance to make your mark, as and when you want to. Being able to grasp the bigger picture will score most highly, so in order to make the headway you want, beware of getting bogged down in too much detail. From the 16th all kinds of plans will start taking shape, especially those involving travel and/or spreading your wings in new directions. You are ready to go for what excites you most, but don’t push your nearest and dearest too far. You may well face a tricky dilemma between the personal urge to experiment, and practical decisions you know you must also make. Late May will deliver the kind of opportunities you are seeking, yet at the same time beware of over-stretching.

Libra 23 September – 23 October

Your personal life is in the spotlight, offering every opportunity to improve relationships, and perhaps mend an old conflict. You will get to the heart of a loved-one’s feelings and realise how this affects you. At the same time a gem of financial advice could result in a new lease of life, particularly when someone with influence is showing special interest in you. Be prepared to embrace change in various forms. However, when giving energy to crucial one-to-one liaisons try not to add fuel to someone else’s personal dispute. You’ll be able to pull the best ideas, and solutions, out of the bag. Hidden treasures are waiting to be discovered if you recognise when other people around you are promising more than they can deliver…

Scorpio 24 October – 22 November

Close encounters offer especially rich rewards this May, and confrontation shouldn’t throw you off course – just see this as part of the process. Your strongest allies will shed light on your motives and on your desires in a positive sense. From midmonth you will be positioned to seize a golden opportunity and reinvent a special relationship. If single you may well be on track to make a surprising conquest. Treat other people as you would like to be treated yourself, and fate will play obediently into your hands. By the 20th if you remain open and clear-sighted, another person is bound to be generous with you in return. Most importantly, be sure to set high standards and to embrace unexpected turns of events.

Sagittarius 23 November – 21 December

Success over the coming weeks will involve making changes to the routine which ultimately make life easier, no matter how much resistance there is. From the 10th keep your eyes peeled for unexpected work opportunities too, as you will know how to make the most of these. At the same time passions may flare up in your romantic life until it becomes almost too hot to handle – you have got what it takes to defuse this situation so that everyone wins. After the 22nd you’ll find out what you and another person truly want from each other, and don’t worry if some personal plans are disrupted. This will be your opportunity to demonstrate your fighting spirit, although there is a chance that any farfetched solutions could backfire.

Capricorn 22 December – 20 January

More than ever you will have your eye on the ball and can recognise a landmark opportunity when it comes your way in early May. However, at the same time be sure to seize your chances to relax and socialize – it’s time to experiment and take risks personally as well as at work. How you feel about someone else is beginning to dawn on you too, so after the 11th you’ll be ready to make the next move. Although from the 20th avoid applying too much pressure too soon. Life will be a lot more fun if you focus on those who appreciate you, and channel your incredible energy into meaningful relationships. Someone adores you and love is in the air, especially if you can let go of old and futile disagreements.

Aquarius 21 January – 18 February

Now you are poised to go for aspirations that really matter to you, but let other people shoulder some responsibility too. This is also the ideal time to explore ideas which will have a positive impact at home. It will be much easier than you think to mastermind a domestic makeover of some kind; what you accomplish now is going to have significant future repercussions. After midmonth you should feel inspired, yet your keen curiosity could mean you get too easily side-tracked. From the 19th you will see complex personal dynamics for what they are, so aim to strike a balance between other people’s wishes and your own. It is wise to resist the temptation to use words as weapons with those you love most.

Pisces 19 February – 20 March

This month more than ever, you are poised to pursue your favourite schemes and dreams. The key is to steer clear of distractions you just don’t need, or even want. One plan of action will emerge that requires a frank discussion with those you can trust and in no time at all you will win their vote of confidence. At the same time a money-spinning mission will show promise if you are willing to take your time. After the 18th you and your loved ones may need to face a few hard facts concerning long-term ambitions, and this will call on your unique brand of ingenuity. It is certainly no time to be afraid of taking your place centre stage. You will conjure up a stunning scheme if you keep a cool head and know your true priorities.


Aries 21 March – 20 April

Feeling confident about yourself and your talents will make you popular with all kinds of people. And you will enjoy the attention – just be aware of the green-eyed monster lurking in certain situations at work; it is wise to avoid provoking anyone just now. From early May you will have a fresh take on important money matters too, and it’s especially important to start as you mean to go on. By the 17th it becomes apparent that you will gain most from a measured approach, as moving too fast could overlook key details. A perfectly timed heart-to-heart with a friend will help you make positive plans for the future. Of course, you are ready for instant action, but always remember that rushing things may mean having to re-do them...

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