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Being single at Christmas can be tough, particularly when you know you’ll be faced with a pity party the minute you get home. But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, being on your own has its advantages too. Not only will you save money on buying presents, you’ll have way more time to party, indulge yourself and hang out with your friends. Here’s how to survive the Christmas season singleton-style…

Have A Lie-In

Having no work for a week means you can hit snooze for as long as you want, so make the most of it. If you’ve been partying too hard throughout the whole of December, having a few days off to recuperate and catch up on sleep will be just what you need.

Keep Busy

Once you’ve checked in with the family, you’ll have plenty of free time to indulge in pretty much anything that takes your fancy. Gym classes, cocktails, dinners, brunch with the girls, you name it. When else do you have a few days to yourself to plan your entire social calendar?

Crack Jokes

Be prepared for the annual family grilling, but avoid the pity party by playing them at their own game. Come up with an elaborate ruse to divert the attention away from your love life –you can talk about anything to drive the conversation down a different route. If they’re intent on flooding you with cringe-worthy questions, throw something shocking into the mix like suggesting a nose job or career break. Nothing trumps singledom like losing your job or getting your boobs done. A lack of boyfriend will be the least of their worries.

Raise A Glass

It’s Christmas, so having a glass in your hand is a given, but to take things up a notch – and allow yourself a few giggles – play your own drinking game. When anyone throws an uncomfortable cliché your way, down a drink. “Plenty more fish in the sea”, “The right guy is just around the corner”… Your response? “My glass is empty. Please pass me the champers.” The definition of a ‘Merry Christmas’.

Get Down With The Kids

Be on ‘auntie duty’ and hang out with the little ones. They won’t judge you for being single, and you’ll probably have more fun running around with them than facing that awkward Bridget Jones conversation with your mum.

Eat All The Food

Christmas is all about indulgence, so treat yourself to your favourite things. Baked camembert, mince pies, duck fat roasties. You can blast it in the gym after Boxing Day. Go nuts. You deserve it.

Be Sociable

Being single means you have more time to spend with your friends, especially over Christmas. Say yes to all the amazing invites that come your way, and feel smug you don’t have run it past your partner first.

Enjoy Family Time

There’s something really comforting about going home for Christmas. Your mum will most likely spoil you rotten, you can wear your pyjamas without judgement and you can sprawl out on the sofa with your sis watching all your favourite childhood flicks. A Love Actually pyjama day? Highly unlikely with a new boyfriend in tow.

Go Shopping

Treat yourself in the January sales. All that money you saved not forking out on a present for your other half? Spend it on yourself instead. Your new spring wardrobe awaits…

Pamper Yourself

The lead up to Christmas can be full-on to say the least. Work is always busy, you have drinks almost every night of the week, and when you do finally start to wind down, the chances are you’ll be struck down by some hideous winter illness. Post-Christmas is the perfect time for a pamper session. Book a facial, massage, mani or pedi, or better yet an entire spa day, so you have the whole day to relax and unwind. 

Hang Out With Fellow Singletons

There’s nothing worse than being the only single person at the party. Book in a few essential dates with your fellow single girls over the Christmas break. We guarantee after a few bottles of malbec you’ll be toasting to singledom with a smile.

Make Plans

Juggling a full-time job and jam-packed social calendar can be tricky, so use your time off to make exciting plans for the year ahead. Book the holiday you’ve been dreaming of, organise a weekend away with the girls, get your CV sorted so you can apply for that promotion. Use your downtime to make positive changes in your life, be it joining the gym, moving house or applying for a new job. 2018 is your oyster…

Party Hard

You don’t have to wait until New Year’s Eve to let loose, there’s plenty of partying to be done over the Christmas break. Get the gang together for a few post-Christmas bevvies, and be sure to pick somewhere you can throw in a few added disco shapes, to add to the revellery.

Go On A Date

If the thought of spending another Christmas as a singleton fills you with complete dread, put your dating destiny in your own hands and sign up to one of these dating apps. You never know, you could have a new boyfriend come New Year…



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