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From endless Quality Street to vats of mulled wine, there’s no denying December is a time of indulgence. But if you’re looking to stay on track with your food and fitness regime during the party season, the experts are here to help…

Pick Your Poison

“While we all know alcohol is packed with empty calories, it is possible to choose your poison wisely. When buying champagne, aim for extra brut varieties, which contain a minimal 6g of sugar per litre. In contrast, brut varieties can contain up to 12g per litre. Also try to avoid darker spirits, dark shots and cocktails that contain lots of syrup as well as mixing drinks.” – Rhiannon Lambert, Harley Street Nutritionist

Don’t Sweat It

“Vigorous exercise or sitting in the sauna won’t do a hangover any favours and there really is no such thing as ‘sweating it out’. If you’re really hungover, you should be nourishing your body and not putting it through further stress and water loss. Drink fluids that are easy on the digestive system – water, soda water and isotonic drinks are your best bets.” – Rhiannon Lambert

Line Your Stomach

“Having a drink on an empty stomach will not only mean it’ll reach your bloodstream quicker, but if you’re at a party, it’ll weaken your willpower and make you more likely to reach for unhealthy snacks. Before you go out, try to have a meal that includes carbs (such as pasta or rice) – this will help to slow the body’s absorption of alcohol so it doesn’t go straight to your head.” – Rhiannon Lambert

Go Veggie

“If you’re going out for a meal you know will be particularly indulgent, consider ordering the veggie option to make it a little lighter. Or if you’re going to your favourite steak restaurant, try to eat a little less meat throughout the day or have lighter carb meals for breakfast and lunch if you’re going out for pasta or pizza in the evening. These small changes can make a significant difference to your digestion and how you feel.” – Rhiannon Lambert

Try Low GI

“When cooking at home, try to lower the GI of dishes to avoid sugar highs and energy dips. Simple things like swapping sugar for xylitol in things like cranberry sauce or mulled wine is a good place to start. White breadcrumbs in stuffing can also be swapped for ground oats. If you’re off to a party or dinner where you know there’ll be lots of treats involved, try Tribitor, a natural supplement designed to improve how the body digests and absorbs food, reducing insulin spikes and thus avoiding sugar cravings.” – Kim Pearson, Nutritional therapist and Tribitor.com ambassador

Avoid Beige Foods

“You’ve seen it before – buffets and canapé platters loaded with sausage rolls and pastry dishes. By all means enjoy a few but don’t over-do it and instead think colour and veggies for a real antioxidant and gut bacteria boost. If you’re hosting, make a batch of pea hummus, some cranberry-glazed veggie sausages or pile beetroot, mackerel and soured cream onto mini blinis for a healthy feast.” – Rhiannon Lambert 

Strike A Balance

Admittedly there might be a few more celebrations in December than your average month, but where many people run into trouble is through constant, daily gorging. Enjoy yourself when it's time to celebrate and in between those times, aim to maintain your usual healthy lifestyle as much as possible.” – Kim Pearson

Don’t Sacrifice Sleep

“Don’t stress yourself out about fitting in a workout – it’s far better to sleep than stress your body out in the gym. You’ll perform better when you’ve had more sleep, too.” – Rhiannon Lambert

Stay Exercise Savvy

“Even if you don’t have time to make it to a studio or gym class, you can still be active and keep your body moving. Throughout the month of December, schedule in your workouts like a doctor’s appointment and make them a non-negotiable. Instead of scheduling in five workouts a week, try three; instead of spending an hour in the gym, spend 30 minutes and increase the intensity. Most importantly, just do what you can.” – Zanna Van Dijk, fitness blogger

Make Time For You

“It can be tempting to go out every night in December but your body will soon feel the effects. Try where possible to set aside at least two nights a week off the booze and stay in. Whether you take the time to have a bath or allow yourself an extra couple of hours’ sleep, your body will thank you.” – Zanna Van Dijk

Drop The Guilt

“A little of what you fancy does you good so pick a few days to let go, enjoy and not worry about your food choices. We all need these days to be completely free without guilt or shame.” – Rhiannon Lambert
Re-Nourish by Rhiannon Lambert is available for pre-order now on Amazon; for more information visit Rhitrition.com. Zanna Van Dijk is a Nivea ambassador; Nivea Q10 PLUS C Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Cream is available now from Boots priced £12.99.


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