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A millennial pink colour scheme, chic minimalist packaging and inventive product names, it seems Lixirskin was designed with Instagram in mind (the brand’s skincare ‘shelfies’ rival those at Into The Gloss). Launched less than two months ago, Lixirskin has already graced the pages of glossies and made it into hauls from the UK’s top YouTubers – but it’s not all down to good marketing. Created by dermo-pharmacist Dr Colette Haydon – the brains behind cult products at REN, HealGel and Jo Malone – the formulas are making serious waves in the beauty world. We caught up with Colette to find out what makes Lixirskin so clever…

It’s Just So Simple

With a less-is-more approach, Lixirskin is skincare for busy, but beauty-obsessed women. Unlike other brands, which constantly roll out buzzworthy products for issues you didn’t even know you had, Lixirskin’s lineup is honest and upfront. It's also the antithesis of lengthy routines, like the ten-step Korean regimen, instead focusing on products that multitask. The Vitamin C Paste, £32, is a treatment and express morning mask in one, while the Electrogel Cleanser, £25, is a deep cleanser that doubles up as an evening mask.

It Makes A Case For Synthetics

So many of today’s beauty brands try to differentiate themselves by boasting ‘all-natural’ ingredients, but Haydon thinks it's outdated. In her view, there are simply good ingredients (safe, effective and formulated correctly) and bad ingredients (harmful and ineffective). She also believes there's a misconception that products should be packed with botanical extracts, which quite often have little effect. Lixirskin focuses solely on pure molecules, backed up by clinical studies.

It Really Works

Haydon’s extensive skincare and laboratory experience means she seriously knows her stuff. Each Lixirskin product is based around targeted molecules that work in tandem. As Haydon explains, “Penetration of an active ingredient into the deeper layers of the skin is unnecessary – this isn’t how it works. The skin is a barrier and only the top layer (the epidermis) is accessible. A good molecule is a biological messenger for the epidermal cells – once the message is received, this can trigger a series of cascading events to reach targeted cells in the skin’s deeper layers.”

It Has A New Take On SPF

We’re reminded time and again that SPF should be a staple part of our skincare repertoire, but Haydon says sunscreens are on her ‘no’ list when it comes to ingredients. “On the one hand, SPF can protect the skin against burning, but it can also be harmful to the skin if used every day," she told us. "When a suncream absorbs UV rays, it also generates free radicals; so while you should always use SPF in the summer and when on holiday, in everyday urban life, UV exposure is often so low that it doesn’t justify the risk sunscreens present for the skin.”

It Avoids The Plateau Effect

“Products with too many active ingredients can confuse the skin,” Haydon explains. “The skin likes a change of scenery – an active ingredient used for too long saturates the skin and it no longer delivers results.” Lixirskin products have been formulated to avoid the plateau effect, notably the Night Switch treatments; based on either 1% retinol or one of two different acid solutions, designed to be switched every three weeks.

It’s Truly Universal

Still baffled as to whether your skin is dry, oily or combination? Lixirskin has your back. All six products have been designed to deeply purify, refresh and protect, with science-backed ingredients suitable for all skin types and ages. And when it comes to the Lixirskin line-up, word on the beauty grapevine is that there’s plenty more to come.

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