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It’s not just the sun’s UVA and UVB rays that contribute to premature ageing… the latest culprit to watch out for is HEV light – the blue light emitted by our laptops and smartphones, which can trigger early onset wrinkles and pigmentation. Luckily, the latest SPF to hit the beauty shelves promises to protect against all three…

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Zo Skin Health’s Oclipse Daily Sheer is the SPF on the lips of beauty editors worldwide and with good reason. Formulated by dermatologist and renowned skin expert Dr Zein Obagi, this clever cream has a hefty SPF50 and works to safeguard the skin against skin ageing UVA rays, skin burning UVB rays and HEV light, aka blue light, emitted by our computers, smartphones and tablets.

What exactly is HEV light?

HEV light is found within the sun’s harmful rays but is also emitted by our mobile phones, computer screens and laptops. HEV light, which appears blue in colour, is very close to UV light on the electromagnetic spectrum and studies show it can be as damaging to the skin as UVA and UVB combined. While you may not get burnt after a day in front of your laptop, HEV causes invisible damage, triggering uneven pigmentation, premature ageing and impaired barrier function.

In fact, skincare expert Jean-Louis Sebagh recently claimed we should all be wearing a sunscreen and a ‘screen-screen’. If HEV damage is a thing, Sebagh is surely onto something – us Brits spend an average of nine hours a day in front of a screen.

Who’s it for?

It goes without saying an SPF should already be part of your skincare routine, regardless of skin type, but if you work in an office (or are a selfie enthusiast) then it could be worth upgrading your sunscreen with this new-gen version. The light, oil-free formula also makes it ideal for those who typically shy away from using an SPF for fear of looking shiny – it leaves a matte finish which makes for the perfect primer.

Where can you find it?

ZO Skin Health can be found in salons nationwide – for your nearest stockist, visit

The damage?

Priced at £57, Oclipse Daily Sheer doesn’t come cheap. But if you’re serious about protecting your skin, it’s worth every penny.

Oclipse® Daily Sheer SPF 50 | Zo Skin Health



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