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A true authority when it comes to body confidence, Mel Wells is on a mission to help women make peace with food. After recovering from a six-year long battle with eating disorders, she wrote The Goddess Revolution – a handbook designed to help women quit dieting, live in harmony with food and love their bodies. So if you want to ditch dieting for good, here are Mel’s nine rules for nurturing a healthy attitude towards food...

Throw Away The Scales

This may be the biggest, boldest and most terrifying step, but it really is the most important when it comes to improving the way you see your body and your relationship with food. Being obsessed with those insignificant numbers day in, day out is doing you no favours. Throw away the scales and you’ll feel more liberated, guaranteed.

Stop Searching For Perfection

There's no such thing as the perfect diet – and even those in the health and wellness industry, all the professionals, all the experts, none of them are perfect all the time. So stop trying to be perfect, it doesn’t exist. You’ll be much happier if you drop the perfection.

Forget Calories

Cutting out any food groups or counting calories can lead to obsessive, unhealthy behaviour. Instead, be the expert of your own body and don’t follow anyone else’s rules – listen to your body, connect with it on a daily basis and treat it with respect.

Don’t Force Yourself to Exercise

Exercise and staying active is vital to wellbeing and staying connected with your body, but forcing yourself to do something will only make you hate it more and create a negative mindset. Instead, do exercise you actually enjoy – remember that doing exactly the same workout as someone else won’t magically morph your body into theirs. Find out what works for you.

Remember Food Isn’t The Problem

Psychologically, it’s absolutely possible to re-teach yourself to love food and change your belief system around food. It all starts with understanding that food itself isn’t usually the problem, it’s just the symptom. You only ever feel ‘out of control’ around food if you’re desperately trying to control your food in the first place, so start to trust your body, listen and learn to let go.

Stay Mindful

A healthy body starts with a healthy mind and attitude – balance begins with our mind. Eat and exercise mindfully, which means paying attention, observing yourself and treating your body with respect. Make an effort to drown out hateful thoughts and you’ll soon no longer want to engage in old, damaging behaviours.

Forget The Bullshit

We all have a ‘story’ around food and our bodies, made up of past memories, beliefs, old patterns, habits and lessons learned along the way. It’s what we tell ourselves every day – and it’s often absolute rubbish. If you find yourself in a story that you don’t like, you have the right to leave. The challenge is separating the bullshit from the facts, but once you do, you can rewrite that story to be whatever you want it to be.

Be Aware

If you have a tendency to binge, remember it’s a behavioural tactic we use to suppress something we don’t want to feel, whether it’s rejection, anxiety or stress. When you’re using food to numb a feeling, you’re not actually getting rid of the pain, you’re just delaying it, so try becoming aware of how you’re actually feeling before you eat – trust that awareness can help you ditch these patterns.

Don’t Judge

Stop judging your days by putting them into categories of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and stop labelling yourself as being either ‘on track’ or ‘off track’. Instead, take ownership of your choices, learn from your mistakes and move on. Just make your next choice a more positive one.
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