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When you’re striving to climb the career ladder, making time for a new marriage can be a challenge. From supporting your spouse when the going gets tough, to sharing responsibilities at home, SL contributor Monica Gill shares her tips for finding a balance…

Create Time For Each Other

Have ‘together time’ in the morning and evening to ensure you’re both getting the emotional satisfaction and marital company that's so vital in the early years of marriage.

Split Responsibilities

Help one another in the home to prepare for work, like preparing breakfast and supper together. It will make chores feel lighter, while maximising the time you spend together.

Communicate Your Schedule

Never leave your spouse guessing on your whereabouts when you have to work late hours. Let them be the first to know of your new assignment to prevent unrealistic expectations.

Invest In The Relationship

Just as you go the extra mile to meet targets at work when needed, doing the same in your marriage matters a lot. When your spouse really needs you, learn to say ‘no’ to other commitments.

Create A Routine

Adjust your individual routines, and plan a new one together. Even simple things, like both arranging to see separate friends on the same evening, can give you more time with each other.

Work Within A Budget

Sometimes working more hours translates to more money – but if it’s not a necessity, consider if it’s really worth it. Spending minimal time with your spouse can compromise your emotional connection, which is essential for a happy marriage.

Share Financial Burdens

Money is not happiness, it just enhances comfort. Share financial responsibilities to prevent one partner from working extra hours to make more money, thus compromising your time together.

Have Date Nights

The fun date activities you enjoyed doing together before marriage should still be part of your routine, even after many years. Whether it's weekend getaways or watching movies together, make the time – it's an investment in your marriage.

Monica Gill a relationships expert at WeddingForward.com, the website for modern brides. From photos of real weddings to a bridal boutique, DIY tips to styling suggestions, it's a source of inspiration for brides-to-be.


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