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Right or wrong, tradition dictates that you take your husband’s name – in this modern-day world, it seems a bit archaic. With that in mind, you might expect to see an increasing number of 21st century women brushing off convention, but in fact, the younger generation remain just as likely to take their husband’s name as older women. Whether you’ve built your career around your maiden name or can’t imagine not sharing a surname with your children, here are five major considerations influencing women on both sides of the debate…

Personal Branding

The old adage ‘making a name for yourself’ rings true here. If you’ve spent your career building up recognition around your name – especially if it’s quite distinctive – it can seem like a big step back to make the change. Keeping your surname allows you to retain the personal brand you’ve been working on for years. Alternatively, more and more women are taking their husband’s name legally, but keeping their maiden name professionally.

Keeping The Family Name Alive

For women with sisters and no male cousins, there can be an element of sadness to see the family name die out, or perhaps even pressure from relatives to carry it on. If you’re strongly attached to your family name, you may feel personally invested in seeing it handed down to the next generation should you have children.

Making Life Simpler

A major bonus of taking your husband’s name is that it can make general life admin, such as your finances, that bit easier. Equally, if you have children, some people find it really helpful or unifying to have a single family name.


For a lot of people, a wife taking their husband’s name is just the done thing in their family. It might be what you’ve grown up around and could feel like a natural choice, or maybe you think it’s romantic to merge your life and name with your partner’s. While it’s more acceptable than ever to keep your own name, there shouldn’t be any shame in valuing tradition either.

Personal Taste

In some cases, it can simply come down to taste or how a name sounds – does your husband’s name go with your first name? Some women can’t stand their family name and are eager to cast it off for a new start, while for others a surname can be strongly linked to their identity and might feel bereft at the thought of letting it go. Perhaps you’ll decide a double-barrel suits you best as a couple, or maybe your husband could take your surname. After all, why should it always be up to the woman? There’s no one-size-fits-all solution.



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