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From bullet journaling to mindfulness classes and task-managing apps, sorting your life out has never been more on-trend. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s cool to be organised and there are stacks of stylish ways to achieve this. Take kikki.K, the Scandi-cool cult stationery brand (think Swedish Paperchase) that’s generated a fan base of self-confessed stationery nerds loyal to its range of notebooks, organisers and diaries. Instagram-worthy, covetable and adorned with motivational slogans, these are the Filofaxes of the millennial generation.
Top selling journals include: the Dream Journal which helps to visualise short and long-term goals; the 3am Journal for insomniacs who want to record their middle-of-the-night musings; to the Mindfulness Journal for those wanting to increase self-awareness or banish unhealthy habits.
SheerLuxe spoke to kikki.K Founder Kristina Karlsson, to find out more about how journaling can help you stay on top of it all…

How do you pick the best journal for you?

There are lots of different reasons to get into journaling. What is effective for one person might not work for you so it’s important to find your own style. By choosing a journal you feel inspired to use every day, you are more likely to maintain your journaling habit and get the most out of it.

Can a journal really improve your life?

Writing in a journal can help us make the most of every week by embracing the power of reflection and self-awareness. Through reflection, we foster greater self-knowledge, allowing us to recognise our thoughts and emotions. When we stop to think consciously about our week – the things that went well and the things that didn’t – we’re able to use what we learn from our experiences to grow and evolve.

How do you like to use a journal?

When I was younger I read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron which suggests you should get into a routine of writing without analyzing it. So I wake up and start writing, but because I burn it afterwards, I can write freely without anyone seeing it or judging it. With unconscious writing I just pour everything out that I’m feeling – perhaps it an issue at work or a more random train of thought. Having no filter feels great! Journaling is a wonderful way to get any fears or worries down on paper, so you can explore how they are holding you back and move forward.              .

The journals are all beautifully designed, tell us about that.

All of our kikki.K products are built on the Swedish design principles of form and function, yet combined with seasonal fashion trends. We pay attention to design, form and texture and blend the functional with the beautiful. Inspiring quotes, activities and thought starters in each journal are designed to spark your imagination and creativity and help make your goals a reality.

What other advice do you have to take control of your life and be more organised?

Put pen to paper

Nothing will ever replace the joy of putting pen to paper to get organised. When we write down our dreams, goals, ideas, inspirations, priorities or to-do lists, we’re setting ourselves on a path towards a more productive and fulfilling life.

Rise early

Most mornings I get up at 5am. I use this time, before the rest of the family wakes and the normal day-to-day begins, to think, read, write, get inspired and exercise.

Break things up

Breaking up my daily routine into blocks of time ensures I have space away from things like emails and meetings, so I can focus on my most important projects and creative ideas.


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