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Can’t stand cleaning? You don’t need to spend the entire day in your marigolds to keep your home in check. We’ve found the ultimate cleaning accessory that costs under £5, is good for the environment and guarantees gleaming, instant results. Introducing our favourite new cleaning companion: the e-cloth – here’s all you need to know…

What is an e-cloth? 

An e-cloth is a revolutionary new cleaning cloth that uses incredibly fine, high-quality fibres – 480,000 fibres per cm2 in fact – to clean your surfaces, sinks, floors and more, without using any chemical-based cleaning products.

So how does it work?

The hard-wearing fibres mean that you get a much deeper clean than you would when cleaning with chemicals. The fibres break up and remove more grease and dirt than an anti-bacterial spray, using only water as your cleaning agent.

But what about blitzing germs and bacteria?

Each tiny fibre is about a thousand times finer than cotton. Because water molecules are electrically unbalanced, they're attracted to particles of dirt and bacteria. The fibre strands draw in the water-coated particles and gets rid of all traces of dirt, grime and nasty germs. In fact, to put your minds at rest, they're scientifically proven to remove 99% of bacteria, including the likes of e-coli and listeria.

And does it work?

If the thousands of #ecloth hashtags on Instagram are anything to go by, then yes! People are raving about this clever little cleaning chap, praising him for his super-quick, sparkling results. From surfaces to sinks to windows and ovens, this durable dish cloth will tackle every corner of your home in a flash.

So what are the perks?

As well as saving you time – this cloth tackles all traces of dirt, grease and bacteria in one simple wipe – you’ll be saving money on expensive cleaning products, you’ll get guaranteed sparkling results and you’ll be helping the environment – the e-cloth can be washed over 300 times and re-used year after year, and because they won’t be drenched in harsh cleaning products, they’ll last even longer, meaning the environmental impact will be significantly lower than other cleaning products and processes.

Where can I find one?

It’s not just the cloth version that’s taking the cleaning world by storm; the e-cloth has all kinds of wondrous iterations. From floor dusters and e-mops to e-towels and shower packs, John Lewis stock every range under the sun, to satiate all your cleaning desires.

How much does it cost?

An e-cloth General Purpose Cloth will set you back £3.13, or if you’re in the market to invest, you can buy a pack of five for £17.49.

e-cloth General Purpose Cloth, £3.13

Take a look at the full range here…



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