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What if we told you the way to earn more is to read more? Well according to the members of the billionaire book club, it is. From tech entrepreneurs to media moguls, some of the world’s highest achievers put their success down to a voracious appetite for books. Tesla boss Elon Musk learnt how to build a rocket from the confines of a library; Bill Gates reads 50 books a year (exclusively non-fiction) and a year or two ago Mark Zuckerberg committed to reading one book every two weeks.
Still not convinced? As journalist Sandra Wu has explained, "Two teenage boys found employment at a grocery store in Omaha, Nebraska. The older boy, from a poor family devastated by the Great Depression, bred and sold hamsters for spare change. The younger boy, grandson of the store owner, had been delaying college and working odd jobs, like selling chewing gum and coke bottles door to door. Back then, each boy made about $2 a day. Just a few decades later, they’d be raking in $20 billion in profit per year with their conglomerate, Berkshire Hathaway. Who were these boys? None other than Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett. How did they become the most successful investors America has ever seen?" 

The secret should come as no surprise. Buffett reportedly spends 80% of his day reading, whilst Munger’s advice for success, wisdom and a rich life is to read as much as possible: "Read 500 pages...every day. That's how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest."

Whilst we know reading is (clearly) worthwhile, the problem is finding the time.
So, if you think you’re too busy to read the latest book on business strategy or can’t seem to keep up with how to best nurture creativity, have you tried Blinkist, an ingenious app that condenses the very best non-fiction into 15-minute reads (meaning you can fit Munger’s recommended 500 daily pages into your commute)?
It’s not a new app (you don’t get a million happy users overnight), but with key insights from more than 2,000 bestselling titles (there’s everything from leadership and psychology to health and wellness) packed into an easy read, it gives you the information you want without having to put in the time. There’s even an audio book option, so you can pick up new tips and tricks on the go.
We didn’t need another reason to browse for more books, but a multi-million-pound return on an investment of just 15 minutes a day is a great one…

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