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Every so often a TV series comes along that warrants a weekend binge, and our latest discovery Friends From College had us hooked from start to finish. The Netflix Original follows six friends who met some 20 years ago at Harvard, now in their 40s, some finding success, some falling out of it, having children or trying to, finding love or desperately trying to save their marriages – forget Millennials, this is a love song to Generation X. With a banging soundtrack, an enviable wardrobe and laugh-out-loud one-liners, here are nine reasons to tune in.

The Characters Are Flawed

The Guardian hit the nail on the head when they said Friends From College is ‘an ensemble piece populated entirely by terrible people’. Yes, the characters may not all be cookie-cut and squeaky clean, but they’re all real and you’ll love them for their flaws, bad language and their refusal to grow up.

You Grew Up Watching Friends

For those that grew up watching Friends, this will fill the classic sitcom-shaped hole in your life. Friends From College centres around six pals, each with a characteristic or two you can probably spot in yourself. The girls are Marianne, the quirky, failing actress; Lisa, whose career is soaring but personal life seems to be sinking; and Sam, who has a successful interior design business, two kids, a husband, the best wardrobe since Carrie Bradshaw and a 20 year-long affair.

The boys are Ethan, the other half of that 20 year-long affair, husband to Lisa and a writer struggling with his second book; Max, who works as Ethan’s literary agent and the underdog of the group; and Nick, the trustafarian who spends his days partying, sleeping with younger women and not much else. 

Sam’s Wardrobe

From a DVF asymmetric, orange maxi to that Valentino gown, Sam’s wardrobe is like a walking NET-A-PORTER edit. A masterclass in how to do Uptown polish with a dose of cool, her closet will leave you both inspired and totally envious.

It’s Laugh-Out-Loud Funny

It was created by husband-and-wife team Francesca Delbanco and Nicholas Stoller (Get Him To The Greek, Zoolander). Both Harvard graduates themselves, the duo take real life situations, from infidelity to infertility, and season them with laugh-out-loud one liners, a carefully tangled web of storylines and the ability to be both modern and nostalgic all at once.

The Soundtrack

The soundtrack is a homage to the ‘90s, and it’s clear Netflix shelled out a tonne of cash on the royalties. Oasis, Hanson, the Stone Roses, Notorious B.I.G, Eels and just about every other tune you probably listened to on your walkman back then feature.

It Deals With Real Issues

Friends From College may be funny but the storylines deal with real life issues. From Lisa’s fertility problems to Ethan’s career woes, it can be sensitive and dark at times.

It Represents Generation X

In a world of Kendalls and Gigis and success pitched on Instagram followers, the 40-something characters are refreshing to watch. The story profiles the lost Generation X and its refusal to grow up. Those born pre-1992 might not get the references (or the characters), but we don’t care.

Women Are Fairly Represented

The women take just as much of the limelight of the men, aren’t 100% polished and quite frankly are just as dislikeable as them, too. Their characters play just as much of a role in the darker storylines such as Ethan and Lisa’s affair while Lisa is the household breadwinner (#girlboss).

You Can Totally Binge On It

Each episode, of which there are eight, is only half an hour long. Bring on the weekend binge, we say.

Watch online at Netflix.com

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