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With gut health top of the wellness agenda these days, the buzz around probiotics is only getting stronger. From aiding digestion to improving mental health, these gut-friendly supplements have a whole host of benefits. But if you’ve ever been overwhelmed by choice in the health store, we’ve found the one supplement you need to take. Step forward Symprove – the water-based probiotic everyone’s talking about...

What makes it different?

Unlike traditional probiotic supplements, Symprove comes in liquid, rather than capsule, form, making it a true game-changer. Why? When we consume food or dairy products that contain probiotics (e.g. Greek yoghurt) or a probiotic supplement, they trigger the digestive process, which breaks down food and the bacteria contained within. Symprove, on the other hand, delivers its bacteria via a water-based formula, so the stomach doesn’t try to break it down and acid doesn’t kill off the bacteria, helping to restore balance to the gut.

What’s in it?

Packed with four strains of bacteria, the innovative formula is also a derivative from barley, a prebiotic that works to feed the good bacteria, allowing it to work effectively. Every millilitre of Symprove contains around 200 million live, active bacteria, significantly more than other supplements on the market.

Does it really work?

According to the evidence – yes. In a clinical trial at University College London, it was the only probiotic to survive the stomach’s high acidity levels and go on to thrive in the gut. Further tests carried out at King’s College Hospital London found it significantly reduced pain and discomfort in patients with IBS, too.

And how should you take it?

If you’re new to Symprove, it’s recommended you take a daily shot for three months to fully enable your gut flora to reset. It’s best to take your daily dose on an empty stomach and adults should take a full measure of 70ml daily.

What does it taste like?

While the mango and passionfruit variety is the most popular, the original formula is also available, which has a distinctive, vinegary taste. Both flavours contain the same amount of bacteria per shot.

Who’s it for?

Whether you’re looking to incorporate a high-quality probiotic in your diet (to boost skin health, improve your mood or for myriad other reasons) but aren’t sure where to start, or you’re keen to get IBS symptoms under control, a course of Symprove is well worth a shot.

What are people saying?

Nutritional therapist Eve Kalinik says Symprove is her “favourite probiotic on the market”, while nutritional therapist Zoe Stirling claims it can “work effectively as one part of the puzzle” in improving IBS symptoms. Even Byrdie says Symprove “works where others fail”, not to mention the countless glowing reviews from customers online.

What’s the damage?

If you decide to commit to the recommended twelve-week trial, the company’s so confident you’ll see an improvement that they’ll give you the final four weeks FREE. So eight-weeks’ worth of Symprove (eight bottles) will set you back £158. Once the three months is up, you can buy four-week maintenance packs for £59.25 when you feel you need a boost.

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