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Statement Wallpaper For A Bold Bathroom

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Want your bathroom to make a statement? Take tips from the experts and transform your space with splashes of bold wallpaper.
From fun, creative prints to more muted, neutral patterns, John Lewis’s collection of design-led wallpaper features established designers including Sanderson, Harlequin and Scion – pick from nature-inspired prints like Cole & Son’s seafern and palm leaves, or plump for Matthew Williamson’s pop-coloured parrots. We asked the experts for their top tips on how to work bold wallpaper in your bathroom.

Understand The Overall Vision

“First, start with the vision. What look do you want to achieve – surprising, exciting, colourful, fun, glamorous, dramatic, moody? How does the space work with the style of the rest of the house? This will ensure you don’t get carried away.” – Debra Kacher, DK Interiors
“Decide what atmosphere you are trying to create in your bathroom – is it restful, functional, spa like? And determine who it is for, guests, children, yourself? Answering these questions will help you in the initial design stages.” – Kelling Designs


Work With Small Spaces

“Small spaces can often take bold wallpaper better than large ones – you can make an instant impact and create drama in an otherwise bland or uninteresting space. Using it in a smaller room creates the element of surprise, and guest loos are a great place to do just that.” – Debra Kacher


Enlist Professionals

“If you decide to use a specialist type of wallcovering then it will need to be fitted by a professional. Standard finishes are tricky, but with duress, can be easily tackled. Hire a pro for a quality finish.” – Debra Kacher


Test The Waters With A Feature Wall

“If you’re scared to deck out the whole space, opt for a feature wall instead. But in small spaces such as a bathroom or a loo, wallpapering the entire room will inject a hit of glamour, drama and interest.” – Debra Kacher
“It may sound obvious but, if opting for a feature wall, co-ordinate the paint to the wallpaper and remember to decorate the walls before putting up the paper.” – Kelling Designs


Team With Tiles

“Tiles and wallpaper looks fantastic, as the combination of textures creates interest and contrast. Opt for a simple, geometric tile design for a modern look." – Kelling Designs


Make It Last

“When using wallpaper in the bathroom, you must use vinyl-backed paper, as the moisture from the steam will affect most other coverings, causing air bubbles beneath the surface and premature peeling.” – Debra Kacher
“For long-lasting bathroom wallpaper, good ventilation is key – you could use a light coat of a varnish or PVA, but careful application and bonding to the walls is essential. Above the basin, you should use a piece of clear glass to protect from water splashing – and make sure that this is carefully sealed at the base to prevent water seeping through and causing damage.” – Kelling Designs


Palm Leaves Wallpaper, £78 | Cole & Son

Rousseau Paste The Wall Wallpaper, £125 | Cole & Son

Seafern Wallpaper, £80 | Cole & Son

La Fiorentina Wallpaper, £89 | GP & J Baker

Lullford Wallpaper, £59 | GP & J Baker

Amazilia Wallpaper, £62 | Harlequin

Koi Wallpaper, £65 | Harlequin

Flamingos Wallpaper, £76 | Cole & Son

Hicks Hexagon Wallpaper, £76 | Cole & Son

Palm Jungle Wallpaper, £82 | Cole & Son

Amazilia Wallpaper, £62 | Harlequin

Picture Gallery Wallpaper, £69 | Sanderson

Feathers Wallpaper, £25 | John Lewis

Wallace Secret Garden Wallpaper, £115 | Liberty

Arini Wallpaper, £103 | Matthew Williamson

Huntly Wallpaper, £61 | Nina Campbell

Derwent Wallpaper, £70 | Osborne & Little

Coral Reef Wallpaper, £61 | Sanderson

Flamingos Wallpaper, £60 | Sanderson

Pineapple Royale Wallpaper, £56 | Sanderson

Samaki Paste The Wall Wallpaper, £39 | Scion


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