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The bath has been usurped by the shower as the focus of a bathroom in recent times, with the convenience of a speedy walk-in unbeatable. If you’re looking to upgrade your old-school fixture to a streamlined shower space, make April the month you invest.

Award-winning bathroom store Ripples are having a shower sale and, with stellar savings on high-end, designer-look fittings until 30th April, it’s the ideal time to get the job done. Their team of experts has even put together a checklist of things to think about before you decide which shower is right for you, so you’ll be able to add a touch of luxe to your bathroom pronto.  

1. Your lifestyle 
Before you jump straight in think about how you shower and who will be using the shower. For example, you might like the look of an overhead shower (hotel-inspired designs are on-trend after all), but you might be better off going for a hand-held option if you sometimes want to wash without getting your hair wet or rinse the shower afterwards. 

2. Your water pressure 
Before you consider which shower you’re going to opt for, think about your water pressure. Do you have a gravity-fed system, combination boiler or pressurised system? Also consider the size of your water tank: is it large enough to meet your water needs? 

3. Your needs
If this is your forever home, will the children be using the shower? You should be thinking about non-slip tiles, grab bars (which can actually be surprisingly stylish) and maybe even a seat area in your shower, which you can top with mosaics or stone. 

4. Your space 
Create the biggest shower you can out of the amount of space you have – it really is as simple as that. Whether that’s a walk-in shower or a shower enclosure, both can be designed to look exactly how you want them. 

5. Your layout 
Think about the layout of the whole room. If you’re going for a walk-in shower then place furniture away from the cabin so you minimise how wet items get. 

6. Your approach 
To the shower, that is… If you can avoid it, try not to have a step in to your shower and instead go for a flush-level floor, which can be achieved with a very shallow tray, or a tiled gradient floor. 

7. Your heating 
Consider adding under-floor heating and wall heating (yes, really) to dry up moisture. This will give off low-level heat and will prevent that chill when you step out of the shower.

8. Your storage 
Creating a shower recess to store your bottles is both stylish and practical. 

9. Your lighting 
For a touch of luxe, opt for customised lighting. Maybe you want lighting that changes at the click of a button, lighting placed on a timer or on a PIR sensor (so that when someone steps in the shower, it automatically comes on) – the options are endless. 

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