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The digital savvy are now looking to their devices for everything from flight booking and bar hopping to cab hailing and photo editing… Make your trips smoother, cheaper and more fun with our edit of the best travel apps.


Hopper can help you save up to 40% on flights by predicting how prices will change and telling you when to buy your tickets. 



It’s hard to imagine life before Citymapper, the ultimate transport map that amalgamates public transport, walking and cycling routes to a destination of your choice.



Making it easy for you to explore fairytale destinations, the Airbnb app lets you add digs to your wish list and book everything from penthouses to treehouses. It’s also useful for hosts who can message guests and manage bookings.



With a one-tap system to get a lift, it’s no wonder Uber has become the most popular car service app. Bonus points for the fact that your driver knows exactly where to go and your payment is completely cashless.


World Around Me

Perfect for exploring unknown areas, point your phone around you and get useful information on everything in the vicinity, from restaurants to hotels and everything in between. 



Ditch the guidebook and the map and download Triposo instead. It allows you to discover the best places in every city, even when you don’t have Wifi access. 


App In The Air

Splits your flight into four stages: Check-in, Boarding, Take-off and Landing, and notifies you of any flight-related changes.



The only photo-editing app you need, Adobe Lightroom will transform your amateur scenery snaps and family pics into professional shots with ease.


XE Currency

With XE Currency you can calculate currencies and view live exchange rates on-the-go.


Google Translate

Type a word or phrase, or use your camera to snap a photo and this app will translate it into any one of 90 languages. You can even store stock phrases before a trip so you can access them quickly when you need to.




A fuss free way to book flights, Skyscanner searches hundreds of airlines in seconds, saving you time and money.


Wolfram Sun Exposure

Avoid the burnt lobster look and protect your skin in one fell swoop with this app, which calculates how long you can be exposed to the sun without burning based on your skin type, location, time and level of SPF.



Forward your confirmation emails for your hotel, flight, car rental etc and Tripit will create a master itinerary with all your plans in one place.



Makes it easy to organise trips with friends by splitting up costs for you – just add expenses as you go (in whichever currency you like) and it will work out who need to pay what.


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