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Floor tiles are without a doubt one of our favourite ways to make a statement in the bathroom, while maintaining a clean and functional space.

Whether you plump for a modern honeycomb or geometric design, or go retro with art deco or fleur de lis patterns, there’s a flooring option to fit into any style and set-up. We asked SL's panel of experts for their advice on nailing the look... 


What material is best for bathroom tiles?
"If you've got a busy family bathroom, opt for porcelain flooring  it is low-maintenance and hardwearing. There's no need to compromise on style though, porcelain tiles are available in lots of stylish designs from bold geometric to exotic Arabesque patterns. As a general point, always check tiles are suitable for bathroom floors (particularly if you're planning a wet room) and that they are slip-resistant. Underfloor heating is well-worth thinking about too since it's a luxurious addition to any bathroom." – Caroline Gow, Senior Tile Category Manager at Fired Earth

"One of the most versatile floor coverings are luxury vinyl tiles", adds Alice Dunbar, Design Consultant at Harvey Maria. They are a great choice for bathrooms because they're warm underfoot (perfect during the winter), durable thanks to hardwearing construction and slip resistant.

What styles and colours work best?
"The key pieces in a bathroom – the bath, basin, loo etc – tend to be the biggest investment and it makes sense to keep them quite classic (white still prevails) so they stand the test of time. You can then use tiles to introduce a welcome splash of colour into the scheme. Blues and greens look particularly clean and fresh with white, while decorative designs will ensure the bathroom has plenty of visual interest. Moroccan-inspired patterns have a timeless appeal that makes them equally at home in contemporary and more traditional schemes." – Caroline Gow, Senior Tile Category Manager at Fired Earth

"A bathroom is a great opportunity to use pattern: since most bathroom fixtures are neutral, using colour and print instantly injects personality and defines the room. Blue works particularly well in a bathroom as it creates a calming atmosphere, or opt for a monochrome pattern to make a statement. – Alice Dunbar, Design Consultant at Harvey Maria

There seem to be lots of images around that combine patterened floor tiles with metro tiles...
"Metro tiles are really versatile and suit both traditional and contemporary interiors. Choose a monochrome patterned tile in charcoal for a more geometric look to create a strong contrast against a white metro tile. Tie the two together by choosing a dark grout to make the metro tile stand out." Alice Dunbar, Design Consultant at Harvey Maria

"A little pattern can go a long way in a compact space like a bathroom, so teaming decorative floor tiles with the classic simplicity of metro tiles is a great idea. It will give the scheme a balanced feel and prevent the bathroom from looking too 'busy'. Choose metro tiles that pick up on a colour in the floor tiles to really bring the scheme together. They're also incredibly versatile and will sit happily alongside everything from pretty Victorian-style designs to the most modern of geometric patterns, so you really can't go wrong." – Caroline Gow, Senior Tile Category Manager at Fired Earth

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